What a wonderful world

About ourselves.

Annette Baur (1960), teacher, prefers holidays in Scandinavia but now lets Reinhold Strecker (1954), organisation programmer, talk her into holidays in Alaska and Canada, In addition to hiking boots, our luggage very often also includes two kayaks.

Perhaps this is the place to say a few words about the title of our web site.

What a wonderful world. Many people will reply that, as long as there are wars, as long as people die of hunger in this world, as long as there is the danger that we pass the world on to the next generation in a lamentable state, as long as this is happening, this world cannot be wonderful.

It is not that we close our eyes to this, and flee to the nearest half-way intact wilderness. IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, we have chosen the title of this old and innocent Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong song because, in spite of all that is happening to it, this world - with its people, animals and plants - is wonderful. Again and again, we fall under its spell. During our travels, we have repeatedly met people who could show us how wonderful this world really is, if only through their friendliness and helpfulness, as was the case with the old taxi driver in Newfoundland, or the proprietor of a supermarket in Southern Sweden.



And I think to myself: What a wonderful world


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© Annette Baur and Reinhold Strecker , May 2001

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